Challenge School

Our Chinese Immersion has two parts:

- Chinese Idiom and Chinese Speech

- Theme based Mandarin and Chinese Cultural Class

*** Friday Chinese Speech Audition every session

This class is taught by our Chinese Teachers

Weekly Chinese Theme

Chess (all)

We offer cooking, projects, and art for every morning.  Each week we will focus on a topic.  We have done so much fun activities like

Projects: making paper from scratch, making soap and perfume, minecraft scene

Cooking: dumping, crepes, and cakes

Art: making bird house, instruments etc 

Sample Weekly Topic be sent to parents every week

This course will be taught by our Chinese and English Teachers


Math Olympiad is a worldwide program offered for elementary to middle school students in order for them to compete in math problem solving contests.   The goal for this math olympiad course is to get students think out of box, and to train students think logically and creatively.

Our course content will include, numbering patten, figures patterns, queuing problems, counting 2-D figures, reasoning, position, planting-trees problem, and overlapping problems.    The course material is developed by Gigamind Education.

OlymPIAD MATH 奥数  (For G3-7)

Abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool used in ancient Chinese. Today,  abacus not only help children improving the speed and accuracy of calculations, but also help them with focus and concentration.  

Mental Math goes side by side with Abacus.  It is performed on a virtual image of abacus, formed in the mind.  By using an abacus or mental math, a child can do up to 10 digits of arithmetic calculations without using any calculator or computer.

To attend abacus class, students must have an abacus.  Depends on level, students need to purchase Abacus books $15 (publish price is $20)

About Teacher Lucia

* BA in Early Childhood Education

* Abacus Teacher Certificate

* Hong Kong Olympiad Math teacher

* Over 20 years of teaching experience

ABACUS and MEntal Math 珠心算 (For K-2)     Copyright 2016. Challenge School. All rights reserved. 

Challenge School has contracted Bay Area Chess to offer chess class every week.  

Chinese Immersion Class   普通话和中国文化课